Divorce is a life-altering event, regardless of the length of marriage or value of the marital estate. Emotions run high, and you need the objective perspective of an experienced family law attorney to guide you in making decisions during this difficult time. When the prospect of divorce seems overwhelming, trust that Julianne Stokes and Amanda Haselden will guide you through the process with compassion and knowledge of South Carolina family law.


If you are a parent, you will likely tell us that your children are your top priority, whether you are going through a divorce or are contemplating a change in custody action or a relocation case. We are experienced trial advocates, and our knowledge of the law will help shape your custody case so that we can prove to a judge that your child or children should be in your care.


Do you own several homes? Have investments in commercial properties? Own your own company? Maybe you are a partner in a law firm or medical practice, or have overseas investments. Perhaps you have no clue about your financial picture, because your spouse has always taken care of the bills. Regardless of the complexity of your marital estate, the attorneys at Stokes & Haselden have the experience to advise you. Not every case calls for an independent financial expert, but for those situations when an accountant or business valuator is needed, we have excellent working relationships with financial experts across the state.


Whether you are a prospective parent or a step-parent/grandparent wanting to adopt a family member, our lawyers can navigate you through what is often an overwhelming process.


We represent intended parents, egg donors, embryo donors, and surrogates, using in vitro fertilization–also known as IVF. The law of assisted reproductive technology is rapidly developing, and we can apprise you of your rights under the current laws and the potential issues that may arise during your journey to parenthood.


Over the past decade, ADR has become one of the best ways to end family court cases. It takes months and years to get a trial date before a judge, and in the meantime you will spend thousands of dollars on trial preparation. The majority of cases settle through the use of ADR – especially mediation and arbitration. Mediation is a process through which the mediator acts as a third party neutral to facilitate an agreement. This differs from Arbitration, in which the third party neutral (Arbitrator) hears all the evidence and actually makes a decision to end the case. Both methods are effective and can save parties substantial money and emotional turmoil that a trial inevitably causes. In addition to representing clients in ADR, Julianne Stokes is a certified family court mediator.


Before you get married, consult with an attorney to determine whether you may need a Prenuptial Agreement. So many of our divorce clients tell us they wish they knew the state of the law before they married. Many of the costly financial issues that arise in a divorce can be resolved through a well-written Prenuptial Agreement, so save yourself money and heartache by consulting with us several months prior to your wedding date.